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Hunter Presbyterian

A Confessional Reformed Congregation


the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia,

located in the Greater Newcastle Area, NSW, Australia

Preaching Christ and Him crucified

About Us

By the grace of God, Hunter Presbyterian Church was organised, as a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia since 1865. Our congregation is located in the Greater Newcastle area, in both Raymond Terrace and Cardiff. We are a congregation that seeks to faithfully preserve the Scriptural integrity and biblical truths rediscovered at the time of the Reformation, in worship, life and practice, to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, the only King of the Church. Our congregation comprised of families from different parts of the Hunter region in Australia.

Our Aims

As a fellowship of those who love the Lord Jesus, we come together to worship Him, we study the Bible to learn more about him and we seek to make Him known to others. Briefly, our worship is simple, Biblical, and Christ-centred.

  • Preaching is Christ-centred, experiential and a careful exposition of Scripture.
  • Fellowship is warm and genuine with each person made welcome and all encouraged to build one another up in the things of God.
  • Belief is the historic Christian Reformed Faith.

We warmly invite you to join us in our worship services

We believe that the Word of God, the Bible, directs us as to how God is to be worshiped. The reading and preaching of the Word of God are at the heart of the worship of God. What is not of divine appointment is excluded, on Scriptural principles. Therefore, we refrain from the use of musical instruments and hymns of mere human composition. Because the Psalms only are divinely appointed to be used in praising God, we employ them only in the praise portion of our worship. In this we follow the practice of the early church, rediscovered at the time of the Reformation. We do not use set forms of worship or liturgies, because they lack Scriptural authority.

For the biblical doctrine concerning the regulative principle of worship, a video sermon on the 2nd Commandment can be found: Here

For further information regarding psalm-singing, please visit our Psalmody page.

Our Congregation currently has two places of worship on the Lord’s day, and they are in Raymond Terrace and Cardiff.

Our Worship

What We Believe

*PDF format is available here: What We Believe

Our Church is a Confessional Church. As such, our church has formulated much of the teaching of Scripture in certain documents which form part of the basic law of the church, and which are commonly called Subordinate Standards:

The Westminster Confession of Faith 1647


Second Book of Discipline 1578

Westminster Form of Presbyterial Church Government 1645


Westminster Directory for Public Worship 1645

Westminster Directory for Family Worship 1647


Westminster Larger Catechism 1648

Westminster Shorter Catechism 1648

Raymond Terrace

Service Time: 9am

Sunday (Lord’s day)

Address: 155 Adelaide Street, Raymond Terrace, NSW 2324


Service Times: 11am & 5pm Sunday (Lord’s day)

Address: 3 Queens Ave,

Cardiff, NSW 2285


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Bible Study

Our weekly Bible Study/Prayer Meeting takes place every Wednesday evening, at 7:30pm during term time.

We meet at Cardiff Church Hall and also online. Link Here

School background

Sunday School

The All-Age-Sunday School meets every Sunday afternoon during term time at the Cardiff church at 4:15pm.

Everyone is welcomed to join our All-Age-Sunday School!

Reading a Bible and Having Coffee

Christianity Explored

As part of our mission to reach out into the communities in the Hunter, we run a Christianity Explored course in both Raymond Terrace and Cardiff.

Please contact our Minister for further info.

Livestream Services

3d live streaming

Our livestream is at 9am, 11am and 5pm

on Every Lord’s day

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Upcoming Events


Minister: Rev. Robin Tso

Tel: (02) 4987 2093

Session Clerk: Mr. Ian Miller

Clerk of Deacons’ Court:

Mr David Barnes

Mailing Address: Po Box 30, Raymond Terrace, NSW 2324

Back row: Rev Robin Tso, Mr Ian Miller (Elder)

Mr Alex Steel (Elder)

Front row: Deacons: Dr John Fluit, Mr Ken George,

Mr David Barnes, Mr Ian King, Mr Richard Alley


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Electronic Funds Transfer

BSB: 062818

Account: 00900338

Psalters app

Sing Psalms

A Sing Psalms App for mobile devices is now freely available through iOS and Android stores.

Scottish Psalter

A Scottish Psalter for mobile devices is now freely available through iOS and Android stores.

Also, please visit for Psalm singing recordings.